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Constitutional Amendment in Boca Raton, FL

We are a committee of concerned Florida citizens who made a choice to speak up about the gun control-related issues that our country faces almost daily. We are petitioning the State of Florida to amend the Constitution and ban ownership of military-style weapons by private individuals to End Gun Violence in Boca Raton, FL. The massacres in Parkland and Orlando might never have happened if the accused killer had been armed with a knife. It could have been dramatically reduced if he only had access to a six shot revolver or a seven shot semi-automatic pistol. But instead, military-style killing weapons cut through the victims like a scythe! Military style guns have been used to kill hundreds of students, innocent people having a good time at a nightclub or attending a concert.

Join us to eliminate or reduce the possibility of more mass murders in Florida. Form local committees, circulate the petition, sponsor events, and contribute to our campaign. We want common sense to prevail eand ensure that only the organized military or militia should have military-style weapons. Check out the entire website to know how you can help us and push for the amendment. What you do today may save someone’s life tomorrow!


You can help make an impact and save innocent lives. Change the Constitution!

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Voting and registering to vote are key to the American practice of Democracy.

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Freedom from Fear

Parents should not be afraid to send their children to school.

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