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Banning Assault Weapons in America: Why that has to be Done Now!

What do you think is the most obvious response to the heartbreaking mass shootings and massacres happening in the United States? Undoubtedly and, after everything America has been through, it should be the banning of the sale of assault weapons. All those others laws and policies being proposed? They’re not likely to do much good, … Continue reading

Inside the Thoughts of Teachers Against Guns in Classrooms

A lot of school shootings have transpired over the years. School shootings have never amounted to anything good. Instead, they have left scars, both physical and emotional, on victims, witnesses and families. There should definitely be a way to end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL as soon as possible. Earlier in February 2018, the … Continue reading

Coping with a Traumatic Experience: What You Can Do After A School Shooting

Years and years of gun violence have already passed. Lots of school shootings have already resulted in multiple injuries and casualties. But unfortunately, without the right gun control laws, school shootings will continue. Before tackling what to do to help put a stop to future school shootings, there are things that you can do after … Continue reading

How We Can Help End Gun Violence in the United States

Responses to America’s mass shootings have become a heartbreakingly predictable cycle of mourning, prayers for victims and their family members, cries of outrage, calls for new gun laws, debate over the need for these laws, and not much else, at least, not until the next incident. Please support STOP THE KILLING and help end gun … Continue reading