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3 Common Reasons for School Shootings

3 Common Reasons for School Shootings

Multiple school shootings have gone by. The number of casualties and injured victims is still rising. School shootings will continue if nothing is done now.

Getting to the root cause of these happenings may help identify potential solutions that can help end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL. What are the common reasons for school shootings, though? Here are some of them:

  1. Bullying

    We have surely heard about lots of instances of bullying, especially in schools. What should be a place of learning becomes a place of fear for many bullied students. When such bullied individuals have had enough, they might concoct a plan to display their marksmanship, end their suffering by ending the lives of those who bully or make fun of them.

    While gun control laws surely help in preventing the access of students to assault rifles, addressing the bullying incidents in schools may be a deeper move. There should be programs in learning institutions that discourage bullying.

  2. Revenge

    While this is also related to bullying, revenge may also encompass a broader area. While the perpetrator may not have been bullied, they may have been wronged in a certain way. There are those who may have gotten angry with their teachers for not giving them the grades they think they deserve. There are those who may want to get back to their schoolmates for defeating them in sports.

    A closer look into a particular situation can help identify the proper solution to prevent a school shooting in the making. A constitutional amendment in Florida is also a necessity to stop school shootings.

  3. Victims of physical abuse at home

    Many school shooting perpetrators are victims of physical abuse at home. The anger that they have felt inside over the years due to their experiences may have finally exploded. Since they cannot do anything at home, they might end up releasing their anger to their teachers and schoolmates.

    Domestic violence and physical abuse are serious issues. Victims are encouraged to speak up so that proper care and support can be provided to them.

Stop The Killing advocates for an end to school shootings and gun violence in general. Join us in making noise and letting legislators work on what they should be doing, listening, and acting on the voice of the people. Let us end gun violence now!

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