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4 Steps You Can Take to End Gun Violence

4 Steps You Can Take to End Gun Violence

The United States has a major gun problem. It seems like every time we check the news or go on social media, there is another mass shooting happening somewhere.

In fact, according to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been a total of 272 mass shootings in the United States. This 2019, the three deadliest mass shootings have been in:

  • El Paso, Texas. This shooting occurred on August 3, where 20 people were killed and another 26 were injured.
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia. This shooting occurred on May 31, where 13 people were killed and another five were injured.
  • Dayton, Ohio. This shooting occurred on August 4, where 10 people were killed and another 26 were injured.

If you would like to take action and end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL and throughout the United States, consider the following steps that you can take:

  1. Contact your elected representatives

    You may have heard this so many times, but you need to pick up the phone and contact your elected government officials. It may sound daunting, but it will only take a few minutes. You can contact U.S. Representatives and Senators through the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Tell them that you support a federal ban on guns, high-capacity ammunition magazines, and other assault weapons.

  2. Register and vote

    Haven’t registered yet? Don’t delay – now is the time to do it. Getting involved and electing government officials who support gun control is critical for change. Register to vote, learn about the voting policies in your state, and sign up for reminders so that you never miss an election. Once the voting season starts, make sure to look at each candidate carefully and look for candidates who support gun control.

  3. Join demonstrations

    On March 24, 2018, people took to the streets for the March for Our Lives protests throughout the United States and around the world. They demanded that steps should be taken to protect students at schools and prevent mass shootings. It was a student-led demonstration organized by a group of teenage survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Participating in demonstrations such as this is a great way to show your support for stricter gun-control policies.

  4. Donate to gun-control groups and organizations

    Numerous gun-control groups and organizations could benefit from your donations. Aside from our own organization, you can donate to other organizations such as the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, the Brady Campaign, the Giffords Law Center, and Everytown for Gun Safety – just to name a few.

The Bottom Line

No matter how old you are or what anyone says, you can make a real difference. Join the fight and together, let us end gun violence once and for all!

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