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5 Ways You Can Help Keep Yourself Safe During an Attack

5 Ways You Can Help Keep Yourself Safe During an Attack

Are you worried about your own or your children’s safety in school? Who can blame you? Mass shootings have been a frequent occurrence as of late.

To help you prepare and possibly stay safe for the worst that may come, STOP THE KILLING has compiled a short list of tips that should equip you with what you should do in case you get caught in an active shooting situation:

  1. Remain calm

    Being panicked is a normal response, but it can put you in danger. As much as you can, try to take deep breaths. Keeping calm will help you assess the situation and get to safety more effectively. By remaining calm, you will also be able to influence the others around you too.

  2. Follow the protocol

    If your school has implemented rules and regulations to be followed during an attack, be sure you adhere to it. This will help organize a safe and orderly evacuation procedure that will help not just you, but everyone else as well.

  3. Locate the exit points.

    In the moment you hear the sounds of gunfire, your first instinct would be to escape. But would you know how to?
    To avoid the aggressive marksmanship of an assailant, it would be in your best interest to take note of the safety exits located around your school. However, you must also consider to only use these passageways when you are certain that they will not lead you straight to the gunman’s location.

  4. Find a hiding spot

    When escape is currently not an option, your next best choice is to hide from plain sight. But where exactly should you hide?

    Key places would be somewhere that you can barricade and deny the shooter of access. However, if that is not also possible you can try hiding under a table. It may not be the best solution as of the moment but can help remove you from the line of fire.

  5. Stay low and remain quiet

    Once you’ve found a hiding spot, you should do your best to remain unnoticed by being silent. Put your phone on silent as well so that it does not give away your location.

    If you can, try to turn off the lights in the room as well, but avoid speaking with others if the perpetrator is nearby. And when you’re certain that they are away, you can call for help. Dial 911, identify yourself, and briefly explain the situation as much as possible.

We’re all aware of how mass shootings have become more common as of late. It has happened across the country and we have to start taking action now by making an effort to end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL.

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