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Banning Assault Weapons in America: Why that has to be Done Now!

Banning Assault Weapons in America Why that has to be Done Now!

What do you think is the most obvious response to the heartbreaking mass shootings and massacres happening in the United States? Undoubtedly and, after everything America has been through, it should be the banning of the sale of assault weapons. All those others laws and policies being proposed? They’re not likely to do much good, to be honest.

More often than not, people are going to tell you that banning military-style assault weapons is impossible; that it’s an idealist dream. Well, you can respond by asking if THIS is the kind of country they dreamed of living in; if THIS is the kind of environment they want their children to grow up in. Our people have already suffered so much and there is only one reasonable solution left – a solution that is sure to make a difference.

We’ve been taking steps to end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL and the rest of the motherland but there is only so much within our power. We haven’t yet gathered enough collective voice to truly put an end to the horrors that have been plaguing our country in recent times. Let’s not incessantly argue about our differing opinions or how some of our suggestions insult the constitution. At the end of the day, it’s about protecting ourselves and our freedom the right way – in a way that is applicable in modern times.

It’s frightening how these days, people can simply walk into gun stores and purchase semi-automatic assault rifles, pistols, and other weapons for mass killing. Giving people such ease in accessing that caliber of destructive power, after everything that’s happened, is just unfathomable. A pistol, for sure, can take lives, but it is truly the assault rifle that does the most damage. These are military-grade firearms we are talking about and the idea of keeping them out of the hands of psychopaths should never, in any way, be considered controversial.

While it is true that the right to bear arms is entrenched in the second amendment, and that it is a right every individual should have, it’s still not a collective one. It also doesn’t preclude sensible measures for gun control. This gives light to the argument that not all types of firearms should be made available to private hands.

You have to consider that back then, there weren’t any assault rifles or high-grade combat weapons; there were only pistols and muskets. These days, it’s different, and the rule makers back then couldn’t have foreseen the damage their stipulations would contribute to. Today is a time when a single man can become a destructive army when armed with modern-day advanced weaponry. Our ancestors could never have imagined that this would become the norm.

If some were to argue about needing military-grade firearms for hunting, then that is completely false. You can take down a deer and other game, and even defend your loved ones, without using such dangerously high-caliber weapons.

As we take the necessary steps and gather enough collective voice to finally put an end to the selling of assault rifles, we can do other things to help protect ourselves too, like practicing marksmanship and storing our firearms safely and securely. You can also band together with STOP THE KILLING and join our cause to prevent senseless gun violence from upending the lives of our countrymen.

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