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Laws have banned the private ownership of machine guns since the 1930’s. Laws have also regulated the types of guns and the number of shots they can hold; the assault weapons ban was in existence and upheld for ten years. Now your fight, our fight and our children’s fight begins when you print this petition, sign it and return it to our office as shown on the petition. DON’T STOP THERE! STOP THE KILLING by printing dozens of copies. Ask your friends and neighbors to sign. We will need almost 1 million signed petitions to make it possible to vote for changing the Florida Constitution in November of 2020 to End Gun Violence in Boca Raton, FL. DON’T DELAY, ACT NOW!

M4A1 and Hands

Stop The Killing Petition Drive


Stop The Killing Petition drive to amend the Florida Constitution by BANNING ASSAULT WEAPONS has been suspended. Other activists, including a parent of a victim of the Parkland shooting and several students have given their support to another petition drive.

Unfortunately, the petition they support is nothing more than a watered down semi-automatic firearms registration act. It does not ban their possession. It is an old legislative trick. The Ballot summary says, “Prohibits the Possession of Assault Weapons. . . “ In fact, it only provides a means of registration and preservation of the right to own or possess such a gun.

It is apparent that the drafters of the counter petition drive used some trick phraseology to convince the Parkland victims and students that assault weapons were really being banned in their proposed amendment. Shame on them! Shame on them for using the blood spilled by children to pen their poisonous do-nothing document.

Further, it is also worded to sound as if the sale of hand guns will be regulated, but it turns right around and gives the legislature the authority to legislate hand gun sales!! What a joke!