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Coping with a Traumatic Experience: What You Can Do After A School Shooting


Years and years of gun violence have already passed. Lots of school shootings have already resulted in multiple injuries and casualties. But unfortunately, without the right gun control laws, school shootings will continue.

Before tackling what to do to help put a stop to future school shootings, there are things that you can do after one. STOP THE KILLING is with you in doing your best in helping concerned citizens in ending gun violence and better gun control.

  • Help the victims and their families in any way you can

    Any individual who has the first-hand experience and witnessed a school shooting will surely be filled with emotions such as fear, shock and more. Moreover, anyone who falls victim to this type of shooting may suffer from wounds, not only physical ones but also mental and emotional wounds.

    Empathize with these individuals. They have just witnessed something that could have separated them forever with their loved ones. Whether you will visit them in the hospitals, bring them fruits or update and tutor them with the lessons they have missed, provide help in any way you can.

    Do not ignore the hardships of the victims’ families, too. They have also suffered emotionally from what their loved ones have experienced.

  • Understand how gun violence affects people

    Learn more about why gun violence exists and why it may be rampant in your area. Gain a deep understanding of how other people are affected by the unethical and immoral decisions of the shooters.

    There are situations where irresponsible gun owners use their weapons to threaten others – and it doesn’t matter whether they have good marksmanship or if they have professional training in gun use. Some cases of domestic violence and violence against women also involve the use of guns.

  • Let your voices be heard by legislators.

    A constitutional amendment in Florida regarding gun control must be passed. But, legislators are not doing what they are supposed to do. Do not let your voice and other people’s voice get drowned by this inaction. Sign the Constitutional Amendment petition at our website, and mail it to our office. See : www.stopthekilling.us At the same time, you can also join marches and committees that are dedicated to ending gun violence in Florida. Join us today!

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