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Helpful Ways to Cope with Survivor’s Guilt

Helpful Ways to Cope with Survivor’s Guilt

When a person goes through a traumatic event such as a school shooting or mass shooting, they may develop a condition known as survivor’s guilt. As the name implies, this a condition where the survivor of a life-threatening situation feels guilty for being able to survive the event.

This condition is a very common reaction and is often seen as a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a group that aims to end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL, we will tackle the different ways survivors can cope with survivor’s guilt.

  • Take Time to Process Your Feelings
    Difficult as it may be, it is important to accept your feelings and allow them to surface. It will take time to process the guilt, grief, and fear that come with what you have experienced. If feel overwhelmed by these feelings or if it does not become manageable, it is important to keep professional help.
  • Connect with Other People
    Being able to share your feelings with family and friends is an important step you should take towards recovery. Going to support groups can also help you connect with others that have gone through a similar experience. You can even form a group that could help change the constitutional amendment in Florida, helping the fight towards ending gun violence.
  • Remember to Take Care of Yourself
    As you are recovering from survivor’s guilt, it can be common to neglect yourself. Having a self-care routine can further improve your condition and healing process. There are many different things that you can do such as making art and exercising.

You can help us support victims of a shooter’s marksmanship by assisting us as we work towards ending gun violence in the United States of America.

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