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Inside the Thoughts of Teachers Against Guns in Classrooms


A lot of school shootings have transpired over the years. School shootings have never amounted to anything good. Instead, they have left scars, both physical and emotional, on victims, witnesses and families. There should definitely be a way to end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL as soon as possible.

Earlier in February 2018, the president took to Twitter, giving a statement about exploring the possibility of arming teachers with concealed guns to deter the possibility of students rampaging through schools. Numerous teachers have voiced their opinions and concerns against this so-called solution.

What Teachers Think

Teachers are educators. They have the obligation to teach various subjects to the students in their respective classes. Many teachers state that they need educational materials like books, not guns, inside their classrooms. They believe that trained security personnel should only be the ones who can carry and use guns for safety and protection of civilians.

At the same time, many believe that students need to learn the things that they can do when school shootings happen and other related events can affect their lives. For teachers, the best solution is education.

Furthermore, other teachers believe that bringing guns to school can only lead to more danger and violence, not a deterrent. Accidents can happen which can result in loss of lives and damage to properties.

Proposed Solutions

A good number of educators are calling lawmakers out, urging them to create better gun control laws for the safety of the entire nation. Some of these solutions include:

  • A more thorough background check, including the mental health of the applicant gun owner
  • Banning semi-automatic weapons which should only be issued to military personnel and have no definite use in regular citizens’ lives
  • Raising the age that a person is allowed to buy a firearm

As of current, though, there seems to be no clear way to stop the gun violence that is happening not only in schools but also in other places, especially crowded ones. Legislators have yet to pass a constitutional amendment in Florida that will specifically address this safety concern.

STOP THE KILLING is dedicated to ending gun violence and promoting better gun control laws. We do not want to have the marksmanship of a shooter to end up as a catalyst for the loss of many lives. Join us in letting the voice of reason be heard!

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