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Solutions to Put an End to Mass Shootings

Solutions to Put an End to Mass Shootings

Mass Shootings in Florida

Arguably one of the most remorseless shooting cases in U.S. history was the Parkland, Florida shooting. A 19-year old gunman by the name of Nikolas Cruz arrived at his high school in Parkland, Florida and just unsystematically open fired. While the crime had him facing multiple counts – 17 to be exact – of premeditated murder, his defender was quick to claim that he was simply a victim of his own brokenness.

Examining the Solutions

For years, people have been rallying to end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL and all over the United States. And perhaps our efforts to do so may be aided by analyzing closely the situation of Nikolas Cruz. It’s not the first time mental illness has been deemed the root cause of a deadly shooting that happened in America. In fact, it has been frequenting media discussions for quite some time now. Let’s examine this, and other solutions, further.

  • Mental health background checks
    While survivors have suggested stricter mental health background checks, the totality of such implications might actually do more harm than good. First of all, it is suggesting that only mentally ill individuals are capable of doing evil. We also have to consider the fact that while millions in the U.S. are suffering from some form of mental disorder, such as depression and anxiety, and can have the tendency to take their own lives, they very rarely take others with them.
  • Training and arming teachers
    Many are staunch supporters of this advocacy. Teachers in the U.S., particularly in this day and age, require gun training in order to develop good marksmanship. Educators need to be capable of defending themselves, while also protecting the lives of the children they are teaching.
  • Harsher punishments
    There has been so much talk about implementing this but also a lot of doubt as to whether it could work. Punishment is not going to be something that deters a would-be shooter from committing his crime. In fact, many of them are likely to relish the fact that the risk level has heightened significantly. There is nothing they would love more than going down, in their minds, as “heroes” of society.
  • Looking into video games
    The level of violence and aggressiveness in today’s video games are much higher than they’ve ever been before. They also seem more real – an element that gamers can’t get enough of. Players end up craving that feeling of invincibility they get after shooting down their opponents in a game. One thing’s for sure, tighter control on this very lucrative industry has to be established.
  • Spreading love and kindness
    More often than not, the root cause of mass shootings is extreme hate. So when we start teaching people about love and spreading kindness, we are also taking steps to put an end to these shootings.

Partner with STOP THE KILLING, and turn your thoughts and prayers into actions that make a difference. Don’t hesitate to discuss your additional ideas on the comment section below.

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