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Staging a Peaceful Protest Against Guns

Staging a Peaceful Protest Against Guns

A lot of Floridians are clamoring to end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL. But, it seems like these cries are falling on deaf ears. The government authorities are not providing the proper solutions to ending the violence that is plaguing the community.

Concerned citizens resort to staging protests to make noise. By taking the streets, they believe they can gain the attention of the authorities. While they hold their placards, they also raise their voices to send a message. The message – enforce a constitutional amendment in Florida for gun control.

The right to protest is a fundamental right. But, you have to make sure that you are doing so within the legal boundaries. Below are some tips for staging a peaceful protest.

  • Know and follow the law

    The law protects the right of protesters. But, it also wants to ensure peace and order at all times. So, check with your local authorities about laws on staging protests. Get the necessary permits beforehand. Follow what the law requires.

  • Choose a location and time

    The location and the time where and when you will hold the event are important. If you want to have a huge impact, choose a time and location that make it possible for the lawmakers to see you. For instance, you can choose the state council hall at a time when they are holding their daily sessions.

  • Publicize the protest

    Protesters want to put pressure on the lawmakers. This way, they will act on the matter immediately. Doing so will help lessen the victims of the shooters’ marksmanship. Talk to your fellow gun control advocates. Use social media to publicize the event.

  • Maintain good conduct

    Protests can get heated, especially when there are policemen around. Strive to stay calm. Maintain good conduct when staging the protest. Respect the men in uniform. At the same time, respect those bystanders or passersby who are going about their own day.

  • Do not leave clutter

    How can you demand the government to act properly when you, yourself, do not have the discipline to do what is necessary? So, make sure not to leave the place dirty after the protest. Do not vandalize the property, too.

STOP THE KILLING is a proponent of stricter gun control laws, starting from Florida to the entire USA. Join us in our advocacy!

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