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The Mistakes Behind the Anti-Gun Regulation Sentiments

The Mistakes Behind the Anti-Gun Regulation Sentiments

With the height of gun violence, it is important to emphasize why gun control is essential to better promote overall safety. A lot of anti-gun control sentiments are floating around. As such, definitive arguments are essential to end gun violence in Boca Raton, FL.

  • “Limiting assault rifles limits your Second Amendment rights. Limiting guns will serve as a premise to limit any other right.”

    Firstly, gun control does not prohibit an individual to possess a gun, rather, it places more emphasis on gun regulations. Right now, there is little to no regulation for this highly dangerous weapon. In fact, it is easier to buy a gun than get in a rated-R movie as a child. If our society places more emphasis on movies than gun screening, then there is a problem. Additionally, it is important to remember that where another person’s rights begin is where a person’s rights end. There is no problem with exercising rights, however, when “rights” begin putting the lives of other individuals in danger, then it’s about time to reconsider. When the lack of gun regulation starts to infringe on the right of every other individual to safety and life, then guns and marksmanship need to be regulated.

  • “Laws don’t apply to criminals. If a criminal is going to break the law, they will find ways.”

    No one is denying the fact that a criminal will commit a crime if they intend to do it. Of course, gun regulation doesn’t promise to solve the problem of murder. The point is, knowing that there are people in society who intend to kill, is it better to hand them a gun and say to them ‘you will commit a crime if you want to anyway’? The said logic encourages that nothing be done about the problem. Through gun regulation, weapons with high capacity to kill are not as accessible to dangerous people.

By pushing for a constitutional amendment in Florida, we can STOP THE KILLING now. 

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